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My name is Alexis. These are the chronicles of my life:
The Good. The Bad & The Ugly.
Let it be known, I am going to change the world.

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Last night I laid it all out on the table. I said what I felt and patiently waited for a response. And the response crushed my heart. People always tell you not to regret what you do; that you should learn from your experiences. So that’s what my goal is to do.

You put your heart on the line. Your passion. Your interests. To be a success, you don’t have to succeed every time. I broke down in class today because I had the realization that I wasn’t good enough. However the truth is… I am good enough and they just don’t realize it yet. 

Nikolai Berdyaev said, “Pure truth could burst the world apart.” Last night, I let me world explode and while I’m still processing everything that has happened, the “end of the world” is not truly to end of the world. Life is about learning from experience. And oh boy, this was an experience.

"There are things we don’t want to happen but have to accept; things we don’t wanna know but have to learn; and people we don’t want to live without but have to let go."

- J.J. - Criminal Minds

"That’s the stigma. We are so so so accepting of any body part breaking down other than our brains. And that’s ignorance. That’s pure ignorance. And that ignorance has created a world that doesn’t understand depression, that doesn’t understand mental health. And that’s ironic to me because depression is one of the best documented problems we have in the world yet was one of the least discussed. We just push it aside and put it in a corner and pretend it’s not there and hope it will fix itself. Well it won’t. It hasn’t. And it’s not going to because that’s wishful thinking and wishful thinking isn’t a game plan, it’s procrastination. And we can’t procrastinate on something this important."

- Kevin Breel (via andersonmelissa)

I just climbed up on to that stage and I spoke. Well, I stepped onto the table for the first ceremony and the stage for the second, but I have never felt more confident and strong in my life. With a fractured foot and an upper respiratory infection, I am unstoppable.

It’s amazing how things change. One day, you know everything about someone and the next, it’s like they were never really there.

Panhellenic Woman of the Week & Officially a University Ambassador

I can dig it.